Occupancy & People CountingOccupancy & People Counting

Premier Wireless Sensors

Occupancy & People Counting

The Connected Tracking Solution

Smart technology for real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization.



Supports monitoring and documentation to help you meet social distancing compliance.



Access custom occupancy data reports across one or hundreds of locations.

Optimize Staffing

Optimize Staffing

Enhance your workforce management by aligning staff scheduling with your peak and slow times.

Multi-Area Occupancy

Multi-Area Occupancy

Monitor areas such as restrooms to ensure that occupancy restrictions are met while optimizing cleaning schedules.

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor Occupancy and Traffic

Make informed business decisions with access to accurate occupancy and people counting data.

Visual Aids

Display Occupancy on Digital Signage

Optional digital displays strategically placed to enhance occupancy and people-counting info.

Real-Time Notifications

Occupancy Alerts

When occupancy and headcount reach max thresholds, instantly notify key personnel via SMS and email alerts.

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