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Occupancy & People Counting

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Smart technology for real-time visibility of occupancy and space utilization.

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What is Occupancy Tracking?

Occupancy tracking provides technology to help your business accurately account for the number of people inside your establishment at any given time.

How can People Tracking help with Social Distancing?

Tracking the number of people in your establishment is key to understanding your occupancy limits based on the square footage of your store. People counting provides the data needed to track occupancy and comply with social distancing.

Do you have different sensor options?

Yes. We have a library of people counting sensors that can be adapted to your unique occupancy tracking requirements.

Is digital signage required for the solution?

No. Digital signage is a great add-on that can help clearly communicate to your customers and employees of occupancy limits.

Can the occupancy data be sent to 3rd party software?

Yes. Our flexible APIs can help you pull all data captured into your third party applications. Our team will provide documentation and support.

Is professional installation required?

No. Most of our sensors are plug-and-play and is DIY (do it yourself) installation. If a solution requires professional installation, we’ll be more than happy to provide the service.

Where do I monitor my Occupancy data?

There is a web and mobile application that will allow you to remotely track and monitor occupancy from anywhere.

Can I track multiple sensors and locations in the same account?

Yes. Our application supports one to hundreds of locations. Plus you can add an unlimited number of users to manage the account and/or receive alerts and reports.

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