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School Safety

According to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, the number of school shootings are increasing nearly every year. As much as we hope that an active shooter incident never occurs, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff are reliant on the school district to help protect them from the unthinkable. Thus crisis communications plans and lockdown drills have become a standard in schools today.

Let us help you leverage innovative technology solutions to provide the peace of mind your school district and your community needs.

Campus Communication

Robust connectivity and reliable cellular coverage play a pivotal role in disseminating critical information to first responders, administrators and staff during an emergency. Information needs to flow freely and swiftly, regardless of the type of device each stakeholder is using. This seamless communication allows schools to coordinate emergency response efforts, keeping everyone informed and safe. Additionally, it enables remote communication and access to emergency resources, ensuring communication continuity and support for students during challenging situations.

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CPR³ Program for School Resource Officers

Premier's CPR³ solution guarantees dependable connectivity for law enforcement and School Resource Officers (SROs), featuring essential tools like mobile reporting systems and digital evidence applications. This streamlined setup accelerates response times and enhances outcomes, ultimately improving operational efficiency across all SRO and law enforcement tasks.

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ConnectED Bus

Premier's ConnectED Bus solution offers bus Wi-Fi, GPS, and student tracking which can all play important roles during an emergency situation. For example, if a school bus is involved in an accident, there is a medical emergency onboard, or the driver is lost.

  • Onboard Internet can be used to provide real-time camera access for real-time situational awareness for school officials and first responders.
  • GPS can help with navigation and locate individuals and vehicles, allowing first responders to quickly and efficiently provide assistance.
  • Student tracking helps to ensure students' safety and reassure worried parents and guardians.
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ConnectED Campus

Step into a world of Wi-Fi connectivity beyond building constraints with the Premier Wireless ConnectED Campus solution. This innovative system offers reliable and secure connectivity, coupled with a robust outdoor campus Wi-Fi router system. Engineered to endure harsh conditions like dirt, humidity, water, and extreme temperatures, the ConnectED Campus is tailor-made to tackle the toughest challenges of modern environments.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Monitoring air quality can help reduce illness in schools. Poor indoor air quality contributes to respiratory problems, allergies, headaches, and fatigue, which can lead to increased absenteeism among students and teachers. By monitoring air quality, school districts can identify and address the various factors that negatively impact indoor air quality, create a healthier learning environment, and reduce absenteeism.

Our advanced air quality monitoring solutions provide schools with real-time monitoring of air quality levels, enabling swift action to be taken in response to any hazardous conditions. With our cutting-edge technology, schools can be equipped to identify and respond to potential air quality emergencies quickly, ensuring the safety and well-being of all those on campus.

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Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be personally carried or mounted throughout your buildings to alert your administrators and first responders of an emergency. Simply press the button to send unlimited notifications with exact location details.

Whether you're protecting a classroom, an office or an individual, panic buttons utilize the latest technology to ensure fast response times.

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With our collaborative approach, we can help you develop grant and other funding proposals that align with your organization's goals and objectives.

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